Collingwood FC: Apologise to Heritier Lumumba and the LGBTI community for homophobic slurs

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Campaign launched 8th of September, 2014


Heritier Lumumba, a premiership Collingwood football player, has criticised the Collingwood Football Club for not taking action on homophobic slurs scrawled on a poster in the club change rooms. "Off to the Mardi Gras boys?" was written over a picture of Scott Pendlebury and Dayne Beams, clearly a homophobic slur. The club has not offered an explanation for the incident, insisting that the club culture does not support homophobia.

AFL clubs and players have a responsibility to act as role models for their fans. If homophobic behaviour is tolerated within a club, it sends a message to young fans that homophobic behaviour is okay. In 2014, this kind of language and behaviour is not acceptable, and is extremely harmful to the young people who look up to footy players.

Ask the Collingwood Football Club to formally apologise to Lumumba and the LGBTI community for these homophobic slurs and be AFL role models in taking a real stance against homophobia.


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