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Did you know that…

Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib), a life-threatening bacterium can cause serious illness which includes:

Meningitis - infection of the membrane covering the brain;
Epiglottitis - inflammation of the flap and the top of the windpipe (block one's breathing);
Pneumonia - inflammation of the lungs;
Septic Arthritis - joint infection; and
Cellulitis - infection of the tissue under the skin.

If left untreated, your child could die in a short period of time.

Did you also know that…

Hib is preventable and curable?

In Australia alone, the introduction of Hib conjugate vaccines in routine vaccination schedules in 1993, led to a more than 95% reduction in the reported incidence of Hib disease.

Around the world the introduction of these vaccines have caused a similar dramatic decrease in the reported incidence of Hib disease.

This is an example of how vaccines can obviously have a large impact on the lives of many. Unfortunately not everyone is as fortunate as us and continue to suffer with diseases that can simply be treated.

Our Project's Aim

This year the High Resolves team at Sydney Girls High School have created our own project called Ctrl, Alt, Del (Control the Spread, Alter a Life and Delete the Disease). We are commuted to having a positive impact on the prevention and long-term solutions associated with health issues, which are treatable but continue to have a detrimental effect upon the lives of so many people in developing nations.

The aim of our project is to spread the word of health organisations that connect with our mission. We are aiming to promote ways that people can volunteer their time, skills or give financially to support the step towards change for those in need.

Top 10 Deadly Diseases

1. Haemophilus influenzae type B
2. Pneumococcus
3. Measles
4. Tetanus
5. Mumps
6. Pertussis
7. Rotavirus
8. Diphtheria
9. Meningococcus
10. Influenza

These diseases are all preventable!

By simple things such as vaccines, education, and awareness we can ‘login’ to a brighter future.

Our Partners

Together with the support of

John Fawcett Foundation




Their services provide the resources to volunteer and make a difference in our world today.

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