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Campaign launched 26th of October, 2014


Why is there are stigma attached to those who have a disability? Why does that cause the rest of society to separate and perhaps even alienate them from the ‘normal’? Why does our society perhaps more negatively than positively perpetuate the differences between people who have a disability and the rest of society?

This stigma alienating and encouraging the image that those dealing with a disability are not ‘normal’ is widely involved within the outlook of the education and resources received by people having a disability. Within our society, a stigma is attached, in regards to those with a disability being ‘dumber’, not as sophisticated or lacking in potential for success and ability compared to those who are ‘normal’. But in fact this is wrong. A person with a disability is not immediately declared as ‘dumber’. A person carrying an extra burden in their life does not immediately signify that their intelligence has declined due to that reason solely.

It is encouraged that we acknowledge and be aware of the members of our society who deal with a disability and show our respect and support. However in doing so, has the idea of showing respect and support been changed and twisted into signifying to show sore pity and an outlook of alienation towards them?
Helen Keller. When she was two, she was struck with an illness which left her deaf, blind and mute. Instead of giving up, her teacher Anne Sullivan taught her how to communicate. Helen quickly progressed in her ability to communicate and went to college later on. She became an author, political activist and a lecturer. Not to mention, she was the co-founder of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

Another person, Nick Vujicic had also reached success and praise. Nick was a man born without arms or legs He overcame many adversities during his childhood and now proudly stands on stage as an international speaker. He inspires the many that listen his talks and help others that are more needy. He didn’t let his disability get in his way of living his life to the fullest.

Everyone has the potential to become spectacular people and this does not exclude those who have an extra burden to carry. Through their education, they gain support from their teachers, youth workers and their peers. With this support and resources, they can achieves as much as us and possibly even more. By learning about their education environment, society would be able to understand that the disability they carry is only a minor difference. This difference should not define who they are and should not separate them from us. If society knew more about this, it will greatly diminish the stigma around people with a disability.

The year 9 high resolves team in Cheltenham Girls High believes in the respect and equality deserved by all and this year have decided to put our focus on the equality for people with a disability through their support within education. We aim to encourage the diminishing of the stigmas that alienate and categorise people with disability as ‘dumber’ or lacking in potential for success. We aim to protest forward that a disability does not define a person, limit their potential in learning and gaining knowledge, and should not separate them from society. We are promoting the similarities between all members of society including those who carry a disability and diminishing the negatively influenced significance of having a disability. We are promoting the support that people with disability receive through their education to help others understand that their potentials for success are not limited because of their education.

In recognition of the significance of education and its support for people with a disability, we hope to sub-promote the message that the education we receive should not be taken for granted and create a further appreciation for the resources and support we receive through education.

For more info or enquiries in regards to our campaign, you are more than welcome to contact us through
Your support and acknowledgement of this issue is one step closer to the change in which we hope to achieve.

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