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Pivotal moment: THANK YOU EMPOWERATORS! at Tuesday the 17th of December, 2013

After 3 weeks of campaigning and ruthless Facebook wall spamming and advertising, we have finally reached the golden target of SIX HUNDRED! Our campaign will now slip into acting on foundations, and we WILL deliver our principles and proposals for education change, so stay tuned! - Stay EmpowerED

Justin Wu

Empower your Education

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Campaign ran from 9th of November, 2013 to 17th of December, 2013


EmpowerED is supported by Student ShoutOut! 2013 - Campaign for Education Change

Students do not receive much freedom or attention in terms of their learning in the common school environment.

Traditionally, students don’t get much say into how or what they learn at school. It can feel pretty one-sided. Teachers and staff propose all the programs, choose excursions and organise everything about classes. This doesn’t encourage students to be engaged in what is happening in the classroom.

Our team thinks that learning has almost become a wall, instead of a ladder for opportunities. We believe that students should have a say in the process of decision making, and have input into what and how they learn in their classes.

Students at our school need a better way to have input in shaping what happens in the classroom. This will mean we will become more engaged and experience more of a joy for learning. Our team believes that if students give feedback and work with the staff, we can formulate an environment that suits the needs of individual students as well as the whole of the student body.

This is our current practical solution:
How can we directly involve students in the decision making process of their education system? We can do this by organising whole class/teacher discussions at the beginning of each term to plan for the next term. In these sessions the students can engage in active discussion, giving comments/feedback about what students can most benefit from. These meetings will be held with every teacher for every subject that the class has. We are also hoping to bring educational professionals into these meetings to give advice and tips on how we can refine these meetings into a teaching model for each term. However, teachers will always have the last say in these discussions and the model will still comply to the syllabus.

With the official success of this campaign (which will happen when the principal and staff of James Ruse Agricultural High agree to take this initiative on board), we are also planning to ask professionals to speak at our school assembly to officially launch the campaign and to make sure that ALL students know about it.

This all starts with YOUR petition: AIM BIG but START SMALL.

Back our campaign to ask School Principal Ms Connors and all the teachers at James Ruse Agricultural High School to run a session at the start of every term to give students an opportunity to input into and to shape what goes on in the classroom for the rest of the term.

Please back this campaign to start empowering your education now!

Watch these videos to find out more about EmpowerED:


-EmpowerED Initiative Team "We want to see an education system that teaches not just what to learn, but HOW to learn."

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