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Campaign launched 17th of September, 2014


Reasoning behind Espera (To Hope)

A two week immersion tour allowed me to experience what life is like through the eyes of an East Timorese person. It was like nothing I had never experienced before. Such poverty and such disadvantage, yet one of the most happiest experiences of my life.

I was able to bring happiness into the lives of people around me, simply by being myself, and without these people realizing they had a profound impact on my life, and brought a happiness to me in which I had never experienced before. Through simple acts of kindness I felt as if I was impacting and changing lives around me and I believe that is most rewarding feeling one can have.

On Return
On return of my trip I felt mixed emotions. I felt happiness because of the experiences I was fortunate enough to be apart of and was blessed to have met all the amazing people along the way. The smiles, the laughs and the memories are constantly flashing back and I feel guilt at times, as I walked into the lives of these people, and then walked out.

I feel as if I have more to offer. That is how I come up with the project Espera which mean "To Hope" in Tetun. I figure that I want to bring hope into the lives of the children in East Timor. Particularly those under the care of the Dominican sisters who work tirelessly around an orphanage, kindergarten and boys farm. Providing Food and shelter for these children the Dominican sisters rely heavily on donations and are in need of our support.

The Dominican sisters have a dream!
The dream of the Dominican sisters is to relocate the kindergarten and the orphanage all to the same location as the Hera farm, which is a place for boys who are either not attending school or who have already completed their schooling.

Currently the orphanage and kindergarten are located in the centre of Dili. Moving them out to the farm will create a much safer and ideal environment for the children, compared to what they are faced with now. This will also make life easier for the Dominican sisters as all children will be in the same space.

For this to become reality the Dominican sisters need our support!

My Vision
My vision is to provide as much support as possible to the Dominican sisters in their dreams, along with supporting them with the basics of running the orphanage, kindergarten and Hera farm which is a challenge they are faced with everyday.

I want to become a constant support to the lives of the youth I worked with whilst in East Timor. I don't want to walk in and then walk out of their lives. I want to give them hope for a brighter future because the potential is there, they just need opportunities for them to develop to their full potential.

I plan to fundraise over a number of months before I return to East Timor for a longer period of time. Through out my time I will work closely with Dominican sisters and the children of the orphanage, Hera farm and Kindergarten. Help us, Help them.

"If you wait to do everything for everyone, instead of something for someone, You'll end up doing nothing for no one."

All donations are greatly appreciated and are guaranteed to have a profound impact on the lives of children throughout East Timor.

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