HELP ME LEARN! : Implement Learning Style Surveys at Mackellar Girls Campus 

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Campaign launched 9th of November, 2013



Every student has their own story... we are all different, and we all learn differently.

Most teachers have the same way of teaching, yet this may not be compatible with the different learning styles of students.

Why does a teacher have to only be a "teacher"? A teacher should be a facilitator; a colleague
Teachers need to know their students and students need to recognise that it can be hard to teach a big group and that teachers are not alien creatures from Mars.

OUR AIM: For teachers and students to have a better understanding of each other, so that tailored teaching methods can be applied and for students to understand the challenges teachers face.

We will achieve this by encouraging every student to complete a survey to identify their learning style.

The results will promote discussion between students and teachers.
This information may be useful for teachers to use in the classroom.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? Sign up to show your support us with this important program that we hope to implement at Mackellar Girls Campus in the near future.

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