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Campaign launched 24th of November, 2014


We believe that we shouldn't put a spotlight on an individual's disability and the impact that this has on their everyday lives.
We want to acknowledge and appreciate the strength that it takes to live a life with a condition or need that challenges the ability to act independently, whilst encouraging the breakdown of barriers between "us" and "them", to empower equality throughout humanity.


We want social barriers to be broken down and for us to have a greater appreciation of the strengths and abilities of those with special needs, because currently they are so often overlooked.

We want everyone to feel empowered, and this can be achieved by bringing people with special needs into this equation.


People with disabilities are often treated differently, a treatment that is rarely necessary. The focus on their disability overrides the number of greater strengths and abilities that they do possess.
Our plan is to create a large network in social media through which people can share their stories of strength and ability for others to appreciate, congratulate and acknowledge.

Join Us!

Take a selfie of you and your ability or what you enjoy doing and upload it to your social media accounts and hashtag #myability to get involved and help promote our ideal.

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Twitter- @myabilityme

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