Promotion of acceptance for high school students with disabilities among peers.

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Campaign launched 4th of September, 2014


At Model Farms High School, Winston Hills, we are organizing an event, in partnership with High Resolves, that will raise awareness and promote acceptance and friendships between support class students and other students in and around the school. The event will be held on the 3rd of December and will involve all students and teachers at Model Farms High School. The High Resolves group at Model Farms feels that acceptance and friendship with students living with disabilities is not at the level it should be and this is why we are organizing this event. As a backer you will help build influence around the school that will help make this event as big and exciting as possible. This day's aim is to influence all students around the school to really show their support and acceptance for the support unit in high school life. We also have a Facebook Page that you can visit if you wish to know more or support us further. We also have an Instagram Profile that you can check out as well!

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