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Campaign launched 12th of September, 2014


Our campaign is representing the year 9 Flinders Christian Community College High Resolves team. We are raising awareness for anxiety and stress during the exam period and in school life.

Accompany us in our bid to give students under stress and anxiety the support and resources they need!

We are targeting middle school students and teaching them valuable skills to deal with stress and preparing them for the years to come through school and during their life.

Stress and anxiety effects 1 in 10 young Australians and is especially felt around exams/NAPLAN.
Stress and anxiety can lead to larger problems such as youth depression and also suicide... Stress has recently been called the "silent killer" and can lead to chest pain, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and heart disease!!

We would really appreciate any support!

Year 9 High Resolves team.

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