The People Project: Aiming to bring Communities closer together through Communication

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Campaign launched 11th of October, 2014


Being able to walk down the street and acknowledge and say 'hello' to people you can call friends, is a true luxury that I think more people should experience. The People Project aims to encourage people to talk to new people to bring communities closer together. This Project can be separated into 3 stages: (1) Participants set themselves a challenge of how many new people they want to talk to per week and for how many weeks they want to maintain this challenge. For example: I will talk to 5 new people per week for 12 weeks. (2) Participants aim to start getting involved in their communities, starting a community garden, organizing a neighborhood BBQ or anything else they can think of. (3) Using connections to help people in need - volunteering within communities, organizing charity functions, raising funds for a sponsor child or anything else. This is a very worth while project and all I need is to get more people involved, so we can also start making connections!

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