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Campaign launched 20th of October, 2014


Being homeless could affect anyone.

Every day, there are at least 105,000 people who are without a stable home in Australia. Out of these people, almost 50% are under 25 years old.

Not all homeless people are living on the streets, as most people believe. Being homeless basically means that the person does not have a permanent home. Most young people aged 25 and under are affected by 'hidden homelessness' which is also known as secondary homelessness. This sees youth couch surfing from one friends house to another for an uncertain length of time.

Couch Surfing

What is homelessness?

"is experienced by people without conventional accommodation (e.g. sleeping rough or in improvised dwellings)"

"is experienced by people who frequently move from one temporary shelter to another (e.g. emergency accommodation, youth refuges, "couch surfing")"

"is experienced by people staying in accommodation that falls below minimum community standards (e.g. boarding housing and caravan parks)"
Why should you care?

You or a close friend could very well be one of the 1 of 200 without a home in the future. Young girls aged 12 - 18 are more likely to be homeless than males in the same age group. The homeless are living without love, food and adequate shelter. Imagine having to find a new place to stay every night or having to endure cold nights without even a blanket to cover you.

Our campaign, 'The Sally Project' aims to raise awareness for youth homelessness and to decrease the amount of youth sleeping rough every night.

Share our campaign on Twitter, Instagram or any other social media you have to share our message to all your friends and family. If you support our campaign, we can reach out to more people and make a greater difference to these people's lives. With every like, Sally is a step closer to finding a home.

Are you willing to make change?

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