Un-Developed Girls & Bullying

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Campaign launched 23rd of September, 2014


In today's modern 21st century society, many un-developed girls around the ages of 14-18 are being bullied constantly by other girls either younger or older than them about having a small 'breast size' or about being a virgin. This bullying on young girls can lead to suicide and the heartache for many friends or family. Girls today are considered to be those who would sleep witha lot of different guys and not give a care in the world about what others think. A lot of girls but not all would take half naked photos or just selfies of them in bikinis in the middle of winter to show off their bigger breasts or flat stomach and post it on a social networking site so older men or young teenage boys can look at their bits and pieces. I am 16 years olf myself and un-developed. I have gone through what many girls in my situation have been through all in high school with the jealousy and envy of ladies that are developed in 'puberty' than us. I will say that some girls go through 'puberty' but never get the full development until their 20's. High school should not be about having to worry about how big your breasts are and if the boys will like you for your' flat chest'. It was just 3 weeks ago that me ex- best friend Mikahlia Gorman said in front of both my two best guy mates and myself that I was flatchested. Now she thinking I would be ok with it made it as a joke but it really offended me as she was one who could wear bikinis and it would look good on her. After this I was outraged and hit her now we are fighting and she is ruining my high school life and I have lost a lot of friends doing this. So please, to stop going through the pain all undeveloped girls who are feeling lost and hrut because they are bullied by girls about his problem. Dont make the same mistake I did and not tell anyone about it. Join me in a protest/ campaign to bring an end to girls bullying one another just because one has smaller breasts than the other. Well guess what to all those big breasted girls out there....we are still human beings and deserve to be treated like one!!!So what if your a 13 or 14 in bra size at the age of 16? Im a 10B and I aint got nothing to be ashamed of about it. I have friends and a boyfriend who dont give a crap! Stand up for yourself girls you are worth fighting for!!

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