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An app not created yet, that holds the keys to a whole new vision of social media. It creates the addicting feeling to "Warp" back into my app.

It has three main slides.
1. The call/webcam feature.
Which allows you to call, message and view other peoples daily lives through the live picture/video feed. Who wouldn't be bored by looking at a couple of hundreds of peoples exciting and unique pictures and videos throughout the day? I sure the hell wouldn't!!

2. The newsfeed feature.
This will be the second most important feature on the app. You are able to see other people posts, pictures, gifs etc. I'm trying not to base everything in the daily routine "statuses" but try to evolve it into something people had not envisioned social network to be. For it is something YOU should control.

3. The Media feature.
The media feature will be filled with multiple videos of multiple categories (can be searched as well). Different videos all categorised in certain places. It'll give the viewer the chance to choose videos based on how they feel or what they feel like watching at that moment. That could be music, gaming, sport etc.

Now, mind you that this is not fully detailed for personal reasons.
BUT I wish to distribute my ideas into the hands of the FYA organisation. For i trust that if this website/app becomes big, I want FYA and the whole of Australia to be recognised for their unique ideas.

Please back this up so I can receive help from people who understand the tracks of making ideas into reality.

Massie Zamiak

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