Young Indigenous Leaders dont want history repeating itself; Change the conversation on Asylum Seekers and Refugees.?

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Campaign launched 9th of November, 2013


Change The Conversation is an Indigenous youth lead campaign voicing Asylum Seekers and refugees with 8 co-founders ranged acrossed Australia. We feel that people across Australia, are basing their opinions of Asylum Seekers and Refugees on the propaghanda employed and played by the media. We feel as young people ourselves the facts about asylum seekers and refugees are not being taught enough through the education system and our community. We as young Indigenous Australians feel the need to educate our young people and share the facts to create a nation wide positive view on asylum seekers and refugees.

How? To do so we are communicating and discussing this topic with high schools within our local areas as well as attending communitie events. We have also created our very own change the conversation (fact) cards. Its simple what you have to do!
you share the conversation card to a friend or stranger and discuss the fact placed on the back or discuss the topic and simply engage in the topic of Asylum seekers and refugees you then can share it onto our facebook page or messasge us to post on instagram

Lets support human rights and remember that seeking Asylum is a human right!!
Change The Conversation to play your role in the nation wide change. CTC Facebook page

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