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Campaign launched 16th of October, 2014


In small rural areas like our own mental health tends to be brushed under the carpet, but no more! I need the community support, I need your support. Help me, help the youth of our communities, help me create a healthier community and in turn a healthier Australia.

On the 23rd of January I am running a mental health awareness event in Port Campbell. The event will be in the form of a youth music event and will target the 12-25 age groups. The event will showcase our young local music talent and time will be allotted for a guest speaker. Ideally this speaker will be under 30yrs, who will be able to move the audience with the power of storytelling. The local mental health service providers will be present enabling the youth attending to connect with the services that can help them.


    ·To raise awareness amongst youth of mental health issues commonly found in the twelve to twenty five age groups, so that mental health becomes a topic youth are comfortable talking about.
    ·To create an environment of acceptance in our communities, amongst youth, of mental health so that youth of the area will feel at ease speaking up about their own insecurities regarding their mental health rather than trying to hide it.
    ·To inform youth of the services available in our area and create an opportunity to learn more about them.
    ·To educate youth on not only how they can overcome mental health challenges but also how they can be mentally healthy in their everyday lives


    ·Youth in our communities will feel comfortable discussing mental health and not feel ashamed about sharing their own mental health struggles.
    ·Youth will have the knowledge and confidence to seek help from the mental health services available that they are now aware of.
    ·Youth will be able to lead a more positive lifestyle, using the skills they have learned to remain mentally healthy

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  • Verity Watt

    Very excited to announce we have our first sponsor! Thankyou very much to Star Printing in Terang for agreeing to provide our advertising material! 4 years ago

  • Verity Watt

    Minor setback with with my venue no longer being appropriate, no fear! We still have a second option which is being followed but should be a ok!! 4 years ago